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What Are Football Camps?

What Are Football Camps?

Published on: Jan 09, 2019

Football camps aren’t just for little tykes and pro-athletes—they’re for anyone looking to develop their football skills, learn about the sport, take their game to the next level, and have some fun.  

Camps are at the core of the football world. Whether you’re a kid looking to get started, a mid-level athlete trying to get better, a high schooler wanting to get noticed, or an adult in search of some fun—there’s a football camp for you. 

Types of Football Camps

No matter where you’re at in your football career—even if you’re just a fan—you can find a camp that meets your needs. Types of camps include:

  • Youth camp: Introduces kids to football basics and gets them excited to play. 
  • Basic football camp: Focuses on fundamentals and basic skills under the instruction of a coach, also gives the athlete an opportunity to perform in front of prospective coaches.
  • Team camp: High school teams attend together and compete as a unit.
  • Specialty camp: Develops specific skills like tackling, throwing, and kicking and focuses on position-specific drills. Typically for the more advanced athlete looking to get noticed. 
  • Prospect camp: Gives athletes an opportunity to get noticed by college coaches they’re hoping to play for and potentially land scholarships. These are sometimes invite-only.  
  • Adult fantasy camp: Provides adults with the opportunity to meet college or professional coaches and discuss teams, watch film, and learn more about the game.

Why Attend a Football Camp

Camp offers benefits beyond fine-tuning athletic skills. Participants develop teamwork, leadership, and communication skills while improving their physical and mental health through exercise. Camps also provide an outlet to have fun and build relationships in a structured environment. 

Of course, the football-specific benefits are immense as well, like:

  • Learning and fine-tuning fundamentals and critical skills 
  • Attracting college offers and potentially landing scholarships
  • Developing weaknesses into strengths 
  • Receiving personalized critiques and advice 
  • Learning drills to improve performance 
  • Competing outside of the season 
  • Gaining critical knowledge from professionals 

Finding a Football Camp for You 

There are thousands of football camps happening each year, the key is finding one that meets your needs—within an area you’re willing to travel to. That’s where we come in. 

Football Camps USA, in conjunction with our partner Ryzer, make finding a camp that interests you easy. Simply create your free account, answer a few simple questions, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll receive personalized suggestions and notifications of camps happening near you that meet your specific requirements. We’ll even help you sign up and register.

We make finding your ideal football camp quick, ridiculously easy, and completely free. Give us a try today! 


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